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About Us

We are Funky Fresh Footwear LLC. We are a premiere internet based service company located in Brandon, FL. We offer the best services around in footwear repair/customization. Our goal is to become a household name for not only fashion senses but business services alike! We have a wide range of artistry experience, with graphic designers, programmers, and all around artist prepared to deliver the best products and services around! Prepare to be amazed and re-evaluate service as you know it!


Our Mission 

A new era online service shop located in Brandon, Florida that specializes in buying, selling and restoring authentic new and used footwear worldwide. Also offering t-shirt printing, graphic design, and web designing services!


Core Values

At Funky Fresh Footwear our business philosophy revolves around our deep-rooted system of core values found below:


Customer Satisfaction

 We are committed to delivering exceptional products and services to our customers in a respectful and timely manner.



 We strive to promote morality & adhere to ethical business practices within each facet of our business. We do not steal or hold client products. We adhere to our company return policy keeping and allowing clients sufficient time to claim their items.



 Our company consists of competent, knowledgeable & trustworthy individuals dedicated to discipline, respect, and honor. 



 Our Company only sells authentic new and used footwear, WE DO NOT sell factory variants. We also provide professional services with open airways of communication delivering exactly what YOU the client desires!


Distinct Quality

 We are confident our products and services will deliver a brand and quality comparable to none and designed specifically for our clients needs. 



 Our brand is dedicated to implementing the use innovative technology and ideas to appeal to our consumers and contribute the future success of the company.



 We at Funky Fresh Footwear are dedicated to volunteering and facilitating a positive change in the communities we operate in.


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